Vya Buyer Profile

Allen and Jackie Ingram both hail from the UK but have been residents of Vancouver since 1995 and 1997 respectively. They met in Vancouver (in an elevator!), fell in love, and 14 years later had a young son Daniel (11). The family eventually settled down in the trendy Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Together they own a local Mount Pleasant shop called Home on the Range Organics with another couple based on a farm in the Fraser Valley. Bert & Alice Jongerden bring the farm supplies into the city and Allen and Jackie sell them, along with other sought after products, at the store. Allen (a chef) also makes dozens of nourishing products such as bone broths, gluten free pies, 29 varieties of Vancouver's best sausages and organic sausage rolls ... just to name a few. They also have registered holistic nutritionists on staff who educate and aid customers in finding the healthiest and best products in BC.  

Besides being close to work, the two are attracted to Mount Pleasant’s unique vibe, great hangouts and of course, the array of fascinating people who choose to reside in the area. Mount Pleasant is also home to a number of eclectic shops and restaurants, exclusive to the neighbourhood.

Allen and Jackie chose Vya for its style and location. The two love to entertain, so when the opportunity for a private rooftop patio overlooking the city came up, they jumped on the chance to own! They also appreciate the boutique feel and location in the city's best neighbourhood. Vya also offers the couple a fantastic view and mix of amenities ensuring their living space is luxurious and fun.

Now Under Construction at 225 Kingsway, East Vancouver, BC | sales@portliving.com | (604) 559-1070