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Wouldn’t it be something to find brand new condos in Vancouver, in an area where your lifestyle and sense of community aren’t a trade-off for affordability? Something in a neighborhood with that cool factor that attracts you, but without that sense that you’re out of place in your comfortable shoes.

Fortunately there is such a place. It’s called VyaLiving, and you can get everywhere from here. It’s located in Mount Pleasant – not a mountain itself – but the stunning views of the mountains from your balcony are more than just pleasant.

If the boxes on your wish list remain unchecked as you look for Vancouver real estate, take VyaLiving for a test drive. You can leave your car at home if you like, since bikes and buses are the rides of choice around here. We think your list will be complete, and you may not want to hand back the keys.

Now Under Construction at 225 Kingsway, East Vancouver, BC | sales@portliving.com | (604) 559-1070